Fluoride Treatments

Dental fluoride is essential to the health and beauty of tooth enamel, and your child's teeth may not get enough on their own. Between about six months of age and sixteen years, your child's baby and adult teeth are developing, and exposure to fluoride is crucial to allow them to form properly. Even after they are fully grown, teeth are constantly gaining and losing fluoride and other minerals. The bacteria that are always present in the human mouth create acids that leach fluoride from the teeth, and many foods and water can replace it; but often, they don't provide enough to keep your child's teeth at their healthiest. To combat this loss of fluoride and ensure that your child's teeth develop properly, we provide in-office fluoride treatments.

The American Dental Association recommends that children should receive fluoride treatments twice a year. By applying a specially formulated gel to your child's teeth, Smile Time Kids gives those teeth a boost of fluoride that helps to strengthen them against decay. This is a safe and effective method for keeping the correct levels of fluoride in your child's teeth, and helps provide a foundation for lifelong dental health.

How it works

When your child arrives at our office, they will first have their teeth thoroughly cleaned. Then the fluoride gel will be placed in trays which fit in your child's mouth and hold the gel against the teeth. This minimizes the amount of fluoride swallowed, and keeps the gel in contact with the teeth for as long as possible. Your child will have to wait while the gel sits on their teeth, giving the fluoride a chance to soak in. Afterward, your child will have their mouth rinsed out, and they'll be ready to leave. It's recommended that your child shouldn't eat or drink anything soon after receiving a fluoride treatment, to give their tooth enamel the best chance to properly absorb the fluoride.

Flouride Treatments

Exposure to the proper amount of fluoride is as important in fighting tooth decay as in strengthening developing teeth. Ask us about in-office fluoride treatments.

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Other forms of fluoride

For the best effect, regular fluoride treatments should be combined with a steady supply of fluoride from other sources. Many fruits and vegetables, such as grapes, spinach, tomatoes, carrots, asparagus, and beets, are high in fluoride, and pickles are even higher. Fluoride toothpastes are another common source, and fluoride rinses are also available over the counter. If necessary, Smile Time Kids can provide a prescription for a stronger rinse, usually in cases where your child's teeth show signs of excessive fluoride loss. Remember that too much fluoride exposure to developing teeth can cause discoloration; but with Smile Time Kids' guidance and regular checkups, you can ensure your child receives the right dose to keep their teeth bright and strong.

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