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Your child's baby teeth may seem less important than their adult teeth, but they are crucial to your child's health and ability to do things like speak, chew food, hold the space for the permanent teeth and more. They will eventually be replaced by adult teeth, but this doesn't mean that they shouldn't see a dentist regularly to keep their baby teeth and gums healthy.

Diet and Nutrition

Eating healthy foods and limiting sugary snacks or drinks can help keep your child's teeth strong and shiny. Instill good eating habits, and don't allow milk, juice, or soda to be the last thing they drink at night — plain water is best!

Daily Brushing and Flossing

Establishing a solid routine when it comes to flossing and brushing is key. Your child will need to be helped when they are very young, and supervised when they get older. Your child's dentist can show you how to properly brush your child's teeth and gums, and recommend flossing strategies to properly remove food from between the teeth and along the gum line. Remember to replace toothbrushes at least every 3 months, and after any illness.

Make and Keep Dental Appointments

Your child should see the dentist for a cleaning twice a year. X-rays should be taken routinely, and proper brushing and flossing techniques reviewed. If a cavity starts to appear, a filling can quickly be applied before the damage to the tooth is severe. If an appointment is skipped for any reason, call and reschedule as soon as possible – it's much better to prevent dental issues than to try to remedy them after they appear.

Fluoride Treatments

Dental fluoride keeps the tooth enamel white, healthy, and bacteria resistant. Toothpaste with fluoride in it can be used at home as long as there is supervision, and in-office fluoride gel treatments can be done as part of your child's visit. This will help safeguard your child's tooth enamel and prevent decay. Your dentist can also tell you about foods which are naturally high in fluoride.

Dental Sealants

It can be hard to get into every crevice of every tooth, especially the back molars. We can seal your child's baby and permanent teeth with a safe, strong applications of a dental sealant that is invisible and causes no change in the feel of the teeth. Sealants can last five years or more, and be repeated on other baby and permanent teeth as they come in to help provide a barrier to decay. Your child will still have to brush and floss regularly as sealant doesn't provide protection between teeth; only on the biting surface of the molars.

Space Maintainers

If a baby tooth is lost early to trauma or disease, the other teeth may "drift" into the gap, preventing the adult tooth from growing in. A custom appliance known as a spacer can be applied to help hold the vacant space open until the mature tooth erupts. It can be cemented in place or left removable, and may include a prosthetic tooth if the missing tooth is in a highly visible part of the mouth and the adult tooth is still some time away from coming in.

Sedation Options

For children who are extremely nervous about the dentist, who have gag reflexes that make them unable to tolerate treatment, or who have serious dental issues requiring lengthy procedures, sedation is available. We offer both nitrous oxide (also known as "laughing gas") which relaxes your child while leaving them conscious; or general anesthesia, administered when there is extensive work to be done or the child simply cannot tolerate having their mouth and teeth worked on.

Protect your child’s smile by making sure they see their dentist regularly and establish a solid oral health routine at home. These steps can help prevent serious dental issues form arising, and ensure that your child's adult smile will be just as brilliant and happy as their childhood one!

Treating children with disabilities

Choosing the right dentist becomes even more important when your child has a disability. Their needs are very specific, and normal dental training doesn't cover them. Whatever the mental, physical, and emotional needs of your child, Smile Time Kids has experience in meeting them, and in working with children who are likely to have limited patience or be easily frightened. In addition, many developmental disabilities cause differences in the growth and arrangement of the teeth and other oral systems. Smile Time Kids understands these differences and is prepared to provide treatment that is tailored to your child.

Your child’s dental health

At Smile Time Kids, we understand how important it is to keep children’s mouths healthy and teach them the habits that will preserve their teeth for a lifetime. We are proud to offer the best in children’s dental care, and to keep your child’s teeth shining!

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