How much does a frenectomy cost?

Depending on the situation and severity of the procedure, a frenectomy may be covered by your insurance. On average, it will run you at least 500 dollars out of pocket. It will depend on the services available and the level of experience of your surgical team.

What is a frenectomy?

A frenectomy is a surgical procedure where the frenulum is removed from and area where it is inhibiting movement of the mouth or tongue. Frenulum is a tissue in the mouth that connects either the lips, gums, or tongue, to your mouth.

Common reasons to seek a frenectomy

There can be many reasons a health care professional may recommend a frenulum removal surgery, known as a frenectomy. The frenectomy cost may be affected by the region of the frenulum to be removed, or the larger cause of the symptoms you are treating with a frenectomy. Here are some of the most common causes of a frenectomy.

Ankyloglossia: Some individuals are born with a short frenulum under their tongue, which makes their tongue unable to achieve full range of motion. In common vernacular, this is known as “tongue-tied” disorder, but it is properly called Ankyloglossia. The frenulum connection can inhibit speech, chewing, or swallowing for the individual.

Lip-tied: This condition occurs when a frenulum is connected to the lip and inhibits mouth movements of the individual. This is most common in the upper lip, near the front of the mouth. This can cause problems for the individual in chewing, speaking, swallowing, or smiling. It can also cause permanent teeth to become displaced in the individuals mouth. The enlarged area may also become irritated, or become more prone to infection. Hygienist consultation would be advised.

Infant Frenectomy- Usually these frenectomies are performed straight away after the child is born. The two frenulum orders described above are the most common, but both are more intrusive early in the baby’s development. With a labial frenulum or lingual frenulum disorder, the newborn may have more difficulty feeding or nursing. This can cause compounding developmental complications in the child’s life, so it is usually addressed immediately.

How do you get a Frenectomy?

  • If you are having difficulty smiling, chewing, swallowing, or isolated pain along the inside of your lip or directly under your tongue–consult with a health care professional. Your Dentist may recommend an Ear, Nose, and Throat Doctor, or an ENT. They may recommend a surgeon or tell you you will need a frenectomy.
  • Discuss options. Ask about what this surgery will entail, who your surgical team will be, how long recovery will take, and most importantly; ask about cost. Frenectomies on average range from 500 to 2000 dollars.
  • If you are moving forward with surgery, call your insurance company. Ask what coverage options you have for this surgery, tell them it has been recommended by a care team.
  • Care for yourself. Surgeries like this one are very common and typically have short recovery times. Be prepared to take it easy and care for yourself afterward. Practice pristine dental hygiene tp reduce chance of infection of complication post surgery.

Frenectomy Procedure