Pediatric Dental Services

Pediatric dentistry focuses entirely on the oral health of children.

Pediatric dentistry, or children’s dentistry, is a specific branch of dentistry that focuses entirely on the oral health of children. This usually includes children between the ages of 1-11 years old. While it may seem early, it is important to have your child be seen by Smile Time Kids around their first birthday. Even if they are still teething, it is quite important for us to have a look at their teeth, gums, soft tissue, and the beginning development of their teeth.

Early childhood tooth decay is too common in the United States. Almost 40% of all children develop cavities before they even reach kindergarten. Since small children cannot always express what they are dealing with, cavities may go unnoticed for months. Eventually, they will develop into painful infections. Childhood is also the time when children need to learn proper dental hygiene. Without the right instruction and encouragement from you, these habits can be slow to develop. Regular checkups with Smile Time Kids are the best way to detect and prevent tooth decay. On top of that, it can help your child learn to brush, floss, and care for their teeth for the rest of their lives. We want to make sure your child has the perfect opportunity for healthy teeth. The entire staff at Smile Time Kids LOVES children. We enjoy their budding personalities and their constant search for answers. We are a compassionate, caring, and patient team when working with your child. Their young smiles are important to us. Call us today at 765-373-3100 with any questions you have regarding your child or stop by Smile Time Kids at 1002 Oak Drive, Richmond, IN, 47374.

We are a compassionate, caring, and patient team when working with your child. Their young smiles are important to us.

Call 765-373-3100  or contact our office today via online contact form. Our office is located at 1002 Oak Drive, Richmond, IN 47374. Let us help keep your child healthy together.

How Can We Help?

At Smile Time Kids, we want your child to have healthy, beautiful teeth. We also want them to have a good experience in the dentist's chair. To help maintain your child's smile, we provide compassionate and child-oriented services. These include:

  • The Role of Baby Teeth- Baby teeth may seem unimportant since they fall out to make room for adult teeth. But they have an important role to play in your child's development and health. Baby teeth help not only with speech development but also maintain a healthy and nutritious diet. The prevention of decay and infection in baby teeth helps maintain your child's health and comfort as well. Baby teeth also serve as space holders for the adult teeth. Even though adult teeth will replace baby teeth, they need care and attention now to keep fulfilling their function. Learn more about what Smile Time Kids says about your child’s baby teeth.
  • Fun, Gentle Exams- One of our first priorities is making dental visits comfortable and stress free for your child. Our office is designed for children in mind. Our staff loves working with children. Every appointment includes gentle treatment and special techniques to ensure your child will look forward to their dental exams.
  • Fluoride Treatments- We need to keep your child's dental enamel strong as a first line of defense against cavities. To help with that, Smile Time Kids can treat your child’s teeth with fluoride. Fluoride treatments replace minerals that leave your child's teeth over some time. With fluoride, we can maintain a strong and bright tooth surface.
  • Dental Sealants- Most tooth decay, especially in children, occurs on the chewing surfaces of the molars. They are full of pits and crevices that provide a safe harbor for bacteria. To protect this vulnerable area, Smile Time Kids offers dental sealants. Sealants are a thin protective coating on the molars which protects the teeth and provides a smoother surface for easier cleaning.
  • Preventative Cleanings- The best defense against tooth decay is to prevent it from beginning in the first place. Smile Time Kids offers preventive cleanings to stop cavities before they start.
  • Dental Treatment- If your child's teeth do develop cavities or decay, we offer treatment, including both fillings and dental crowns.

Do Not Wait to get started

The American Dental Association recommends having your child visit Smile Time Kids before they are one, or whenever their first tooth appears. You should also continue to bring them in to see us for regular checkups about every six months. Also, because you know your child best, we encourage you to make an appointment for your child whenever you have concerns about their teeth. We are always ready to help protect your child's teeth! 

Make an Appointment for Your Child Today!

Smile Time Kids would like to share the recommendations of The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry. They suggest bringing your child in for their first dental appointment as soon as their first tooth erupts or by the time your child is one, whichever occurs first. We will work with your child and treat them like family. We love happy and healthy children. Afterwards, children should visit at normal intervals just like you would schedule your own dental checkups. Call 765-373-3100 today to make an appointment with Smile Time Kids. Our office is located at 1002 Oak Drive, Richmond, IN 47374. Let us keep your child healthy together. Contact us today to schedule a preventative check-up for your child.

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Your child should see the dentist at the age of 1 year, or within 6 months of the appearance of his or her first tooth. A quick checkup will be done and x-rays taken to ensure the baby teeth are growing properly. If your child has multiple teeth already, they'll be counted and quickly cleaned.