ICON Resin Infiltration

White spot lesions, or WSLs, are literally white spots on the surface of teeth. These lesions can be caused by damage to baby teeth that essentially bruises the enamel on the underlying permanent teeth. White spot lesions are sometimes the result of certain medications or even simply genetics.

WSLs can also be a result of poor oral hygiene, often when the patient is in orthodontic treatment. Without regular removal, plaque, bacteria, and acids that are left on the teeth can wear away the enamel and demineralize the teeth. ICON resin infiltration is a great way to treat these white spots in as little as 45 minutes!

How is ICON resin infiltration and treatment done?

Your child's dentist may advise they have a complete dental cleaning before resin and filtration is performed. This ensures that the teeth are clean and that the treatment will be as effective as possible.

To begin, an etching material is applied to the white spots for a few minutes and then removed. Any areas that do not show improvement may be buffed down with a finishing burr to remove the outer layer of an enamel that is blocking calcium and other ions from entering the teeth. The teeth are dried and the ICON resin material is applied. The resin is allowed to soak into the teeth for about three minutes and is then cured with an ultraviolet light. Any excess material is removed and this process is repeated. ICON resin material is applied, allowed to sit for one minute this time, and then cured again. Excess material is removed and the teeth are polished with a polishing wheel or finishing burr.

Is my child a candidate for ICON resin infiltration treatment?

ICON resin infiltration is a safe, effective way to remove white spot lesions from teeth. There is no drilling required so the patient does not have to receive any anesthetic! The whole process takes about 45 minutes to an hour and is completed in one visit. Whitening treatments can actually exacerbate the appearance of white spots so it is not ideal for treating white spot lesions. Additionally, ICON resin infiltration is considered a long-term solution and can last anywhere from 2 to 6 years!

If your child has white spot lesions or other discoloration on their teeth, speak to their pediatric dentist to see if ICON resin infiltration would be an effective treatment. As children grow, they may become self-conscious of their smile if they have white spots or discoloration. Icon resin infiltration is a great way to achieve immediate results and give your child the confidence to flash that smile everywhere they go!

Fix Lesions with Resin Infiltration