How Long Does Resin Infiltration Last

Sometimes after orthodontic treatment, patients see that they have white spots on the surface of their teeth. These white spot lesions are also referred to as hypo spots or enamel bruising. When baby teeth experience damage or trauma, it can bruise the underlying adult teeth and when the permanent teeth push through, they already have white spots. This can also be a result from infection of the primary teeth or it can simply be genetic.

When white spot lesions appear after orthodontic treatment, it is typically a result of poor oral hygiene while the patient is in braces and plaque, bacteria, and acids are allowed to remain on the teeth. It is vitally important to teach your children how to properly care for their teeth. Even when they are small, you should be brushing their teeth at least twice a day and flossing at least once a day. As they grow and want to do things on their own, it is a good idea to continue monitoring their oral care to make sure they are doing a good job!

How are white spot lesions treated?

Treatment for white spot lesions is pretty simple with ICON resin infiltration and usually can be done in one visit in a span of 45 minutes to an hour with immediate results that can last anywhere from 2 to 6 years. Unlike whitening treatments, ICON resin infiltration is considered long-term and does not typically require re-treatment.

How is ICON resin infiltration treatments performed?

Resin infiltration is relatively simple and does not require any anesthetic so numbing and drilling is not necessary!

Resin infiltration is usually done after a routine cleaning that removes all plaque and tartar buildup from the teeth. The White spots are etched with an acid solution to remove the outer layer of a mammal that is blocking calcium and other ions from entering the tooth. If the etching is not efficient on some teeth, a finishing burr can be used to remove the enamel.

Resin infiltration material is then applied to the white spots and allowed to soak in for three minutes. It is then cured with an ultraviolet light then any excess material is removed. This process is repeated, allowing the material to soak for one minute and then curing it again with the same ultraviolet light. Excess material is again removed and the teeth are polished with a polishing wheel or burr.

What are the benefits of ICON resin infiltration treatment?

ICON resin infiltration treatments are much less invasive and much less costly than other options. To camouflage white spots on the teeth, composite material can be used but it is prone to chipping, especially on anterior teeth. Dental veneers are another option but are not available to patients unless their teeth are fully grown.

Whitening is a great way to refresh and brighten your smile but unfortunately it can cause white spot lesions to appear worse than before. Icon resin infiltration does not make the spots brighter, it takes on the same color as the rest of the teeth.

If your child has white spots on their teeth, speak with her pediatric dentist to see if ICON resin infiltration is a good option to restore their smile.

ICON Resin Infiltration